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Our Plan

Yes, it is possible to earn 50% within 15days here, but this is not a HYIP! So, you have decided to participate in HelpGivers Community. What to do? It’s very easy! Just follow the steps below.

1. Register at the website.
2. Enter your Personal Office
3. There will be two big buttons. “Provide help” and “Get help”.
4. If you want to contribute money, click “Provide help” and specify the amount you want to put into the system. The minimum amount is $50 (N15000.00) and maximum is $1000 (N300,000.00).
5. You immediately get Growth Profit in your Personal Office and they start to increase by 50% within 15 days. However, as soon as you get Growth Profit you won’t be able to sell them till they are unconfirmed as you still haven’t transferred money but only created the request.
6. Then you’ll get the order in your PO including all bank account details of the person you should transfer money to. The order also contains contact details of the person so you can get in touch with him or her to make sure that it’s a real person and participant as you. In HelpGivers COMMUNITY there is no central account where all participants’ money accumulates (and where it can be stolen). All transfers are carried out between the participants directly. It means that everything is quite clear and transparent. HelpGivers COMMUNITY plays the role of the operator that helps to establish the contact between the participants.

7. Transfer money to the participant. He or she confirms the receipt and your Growht Profit become “confirmed”. That’s it! Now you can sell them whenever you want, total amount or a part of it.

8. If you want to sell your Growht Profit click “Get help” and specify the amount. Other participant will receive the order and will send you the money (provide help). As you did earlier! Don’t forget to confirm the receipt of help as soon as the money is on your bank account (But no earlier! Be careful with frauds!). If you don’t do it the sender’s HelpGivers'S won’t be confirmed.

9. You can take a look of PO and the buttons “Provide Help” At the beginning we recommend contributing a small sum of money that isn’t critical for you and go through the process from the start to the end. From the registration to getting help. Therefore, everything will be clear and there won’t be any doubts.

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Recommitment is a way to make the program to be sustainable. This allays the fear of members getting scare about the future of the program. Recommitment allows the flow of helps to keep coming to members at all time.

Helpgivers runs on a better recommitment system. The system split your PH into two (20% and 80%). Whenever you PH, 20% will be paired intantly for payment and you have 24hours to make the payment. The balance will be paired within 5th to 6th day. Then whenever you GH you will have both the GH and the recommitment PH out of which 20% will be paid to activate your GH.

Once your GH is fully paid you can expect your balance PH at any time.
For instance, if you start with $100, you will be paired to pay 20% ($20) instantly while the 80% ($80) will be paired later. Then when you GH the system will bring your $150 and $100 re-ph but only 20% of the reph will be paired for you to activate your GH. After you had successfully GH you can get your balance PH anytime before 15days.


Please share your joy/testimony with others after you have received help. This is very important for all and it makes are community to grow and builds the new and prospective members' confidence in our community.

HelpGivers | Community of helpgers